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holy fuck this is long. I can barely get through it for all the ‘fuck white people’ going on. It’s gone way removed from the few things I wanted to address and I’m going to try and keep this brief

Where did I EVER say “fuck white people?” FYI, I’m white, and I’m expressing rage not at “white people” but at WHITE SUPREMACIST teachings.

The American system evidently needs improving. But ‘everywhere’ means ‘everywhere’ and I reacted accordingly. But not teaching properly is different to hiding information, anybody who cared to look has the ability to educate themselves.

Not teaching people how to use their critical thinking skills to connect the actions of the past to what’s happening in the present is virtually the same thing. How can you expect people to teach themselves when they’re not sure where to begin or that they’re even supposed to in the first place?

Not saying teaching wrong is justified of course but frankly, I find it hard to see it as much more than bad teaching of stereotypes. Teaching historical misconceptions as fact is a huge problem, though evidently this is more problematic.

Then you only demonstrating your own lack of critical thinking skills to make the connections. What is “this” that is more problematic? What are you even referring to? 

Lincoln was a racist. He was a man of his time, everyone was racist. Can’t get away from it. Doesn’t change the fact he did important things. Context is everything.

"He was a man of his time." "Context is everything."

Because apparently we aren’t still living in racist times. You know nothing about context.

It is a different story. Very different history.

"White colonists" refers to ALL WHITE COLONISTS IN THE "NEW WORLD."

The English in the American colonies. The Spanish in the Southwest and Latin America. The French in primarily Canada.

Who the fuck are you to declare what we’re talking about? The VAST MAJORITY of the 100 million deceased Natives WERE LIVING UNDER SPANISH COLONIAL RULE. How the FUCK is not relevant??? 

Haven’t shared the breadth of my knowledge because it’s not necessary.

Because it doesn’t exist.

I do know about the schools, they were an exceptionally shitty thing to enforce.

Nothing about it was exceptional, though. It was commonplace, standard procedure for the forceful assimilation of Native children.

Funny that I would be accused of claiming to know what schools everywhere taught, because isn’t that kinda what the original post did?

They said, “Until, this is taught in schools everywhere- “history class” is merely a racism propaganda course.” 

They are not making any claim other than the fact that none of this information is taught in most American public schools, which is true. I was taught in them. So were they. We can make that assessment BECAUSE WE WERE AT THOSE SCHOOLS THAT DON’T TEACH IT.

Look, let me just clarify my position here. Native American history is very important. However I feel that the points raised are rather misrepresentative, and are at worst flagrantly false. This does nobody any favours. How can somebody be critical of the education system teaching falsehood and then try and do the exact same thing? Teach right or not at all.

It’s not that the information is false; it’s that you continue to perpetuate the same limited, one-sided narrative even though you seem to think you’re more enlightened about it than actual Natives, who KNOW this shit. Just because you haven’t encountered this information, doesn’t make it invalid or misrepresentative. You just fail completely at understanding the context… while accusing others of the same.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, when I say ‘this is more problematic’ I meant the historical misconceptions of Native Americans compared to other misconceptions. And I’m sorry, but some of the info is demonstrably false. For instance in the 1700s 80% of the federal budget was not used to eradicate Natives, as claimed. The budget only came into existence in 1789 for a start, and largely paid salaries, running costs, maintenance and war debts. (C. B. Bickford, K. R.  Bowling, Birth of the Nation: The First Federal Congress, 1789-1791 [Rowman & Littlefield, 1989).

The fact I’m not a native means nothing; just being a native doesn’t immediately make you an expert in your history. Hell, I know more about American history than English. And besides, didn’t you say they they have their history suppressed by their governments? How would they then KNOW this shit?

But if you’re going to continue to dismiss points and make statements like my knowledge being nonexistant, then we’re done here, I’m clearly wasting my time.

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